Серия телемостов «Личность предпринимателя и экономика предприятия». 2003 год

Серия международных конференций (телемостов) с одновременной трансляцией в Сан-Паулу, Милане, Москве, Риге. «Личность предпринимателя и экономика предприятия». Центр IBM, г. Милан, Италия.

About the company

FOIL is an international group of independent consulting companies working within the European Union, in Russia, Ukraine and South America.

FOIL focuses on enhancing companies’ efficiency through developing its human resources.

What distinguishes FOIL from other consulting companies is that it makes decisions based not only on the best methods of corporate psychology and management but also on the methodology of ontopsychology which reveals the reasons of economic and social processes in the organisation.

Dozens of workshops, hundreds of clients and a multitude of projects are a part of FOIL’s successful activity over the course of the last ten years. FOIL is a consulting group which has both international and Russian experience of running a business in various fields at its disposal. FOIL pays a lot of attention to the figure of the leader, since this is the only person capable of bringing changes to the company in question.

FOIL has been working in Russia since 2001. For more information please visit foilrussia.ru